Thank you for showing interest in my work and wanting to collaborate with me on a project. Now, the reason you are reading this is because your budget is either not sufficient enough or simply non-existing.


Lucky for you I don’t like saying no. But you will also understand that it is impossible to make a living by constantly handing out presents.
And because I think money is a bad motivator for making good work, I came up with a very simple set of rules for pro-bono work. It comes down to this:

- You (the client) have no saying whatsoever about my work.

I believe my work has value and I consider myself a professional, and professionals never give away their value. There has to be a compensation in any form. So that is why I demand total freedom on ANY unpaid or poorly paid illustration job.

- You (the client) will not see any sketches.

This one is all about trust. If you can’t pay me (enough) you can pay me with trusting in my abilities as a professional illustrator. If this scares you I suggest you start raising enough budget for this project.

You (the client) have no right to submit revisions

In the event you get something for free, you lose the right to control. I think this is fair and so do you because you are awesome!

If you haven’t closed this window by now you have my attention. Tell me all about your project and why you want me to dedicate my time and energy.

Tip: don’t use phrases as ‘it will look good on your portfolio’ – or – ‘I will tell all my friends about you’ or your request will hit the digital shredder faster than you can say ‘I will pay you next time!’

And last but not least: check the two checkboxes below:

I understand that I have no say about the design process, do not see any sketches and cannot request any revisions.

I am not representing a commercial company, the government or the Galactic Empire.