Questions often interest me more than finding answers.

Maybe this is why my work tends to raise more questions than answers. It is this approach that enables me to explore the theme I’m asked to illustrate in a more exiting and unconventional way.

I like to think about my illustrations as if they are snapshots from a story. My aim is to start a dialogue with the theme I’m illustrating. The result is an image that is  asking an active participation of the reader.


My go-to medium is acrylics together with graphite and charcoal. I found out that with these media I can achieve best the mood I’m looking for in my work.

I prefer to work with more complex and abstract subject matter, not explaining a problem, but rendering it in another context.


I work and live in Haarlem in the north-west of the Netherlands and studied at the Maastricht Academy of Art.



2018 – Finalist ‘Biennale of Trust’ poster design competition Ukraine.

2018 – Three works selected for ‘200 Best Illustrators’ published by Lurzers Archive.

2011 – Finalist Fransisco Mantecon Poster Design Competition.

I am a member of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and therefore the General Terms & Conditions of the BNO apply to all of the assignments I take.
You can download them here in Dutch, in English, in German and in French.

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