I love questions and I’m sure that you have one or two things you want to know about my work or my process. So here below I already answered a couple of questions I get from time to time. Is your question not listed than let me know.

Where did you study at?

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht.


Is it important to have a degree in art to become an illustrator?

No. To become an illustrator you first need a strong desire to draw. And second, a good dose of perseverance with a bit of talent. An education in art may help you developing all this, but it doesn’t guarantee success at all.


What/who inspires you?

I get inspiration by a lot of things. I always loved sculptures but unfortunately I was never good at making them, so I try to make my drawings look like sculptures. Music helps for setting a mood in an image. As for who inspires me: Stephan Vanfleteren, Henryk Tomaszewski, Wieslaw Walkuski, Brad Holland and Craig Frazier to name a few.


Tell us a bit more about your process.

My process always starts with the idea (story). I take a walk, read a book, do anything not work related to let my mind arrange things in their right place. After this I start sketching to figure out the composition and make decisions about the color scheme.
When most of the difficulties are tackled I transfer the sketch to a piece of board and start painting with acrylic paint. The finished painting is being scanned and retouched in Photoshop.


What is the DNA of a good illustration?

Without your soul an illustration is an empty shell. Whether you’re illustrating a book, making an infographic or a spot-illustration, make sure that it’s yours.


What is your dream assignment?

If you want me to design a theatrical poster or a New Yorker cover and want to pay me beaucoup dinero, please contact me and I will drop everything I’m doing. I also would love to make a series of paintings for a hospital or restaurant.

Do you take interns?

Not at this time. But if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Are you available for commissions?

Sure! Let’s make some great work together.


Do you teach workshops or speak at conferences?

I love to teach and I’m always open for hosting a workshop or speaking in front of students. Contact me for details.


Do you work for free?

If you pass my special pro-bono selection process the answer can be yes. Can be…


Can I use your illustrations on my blog or website?

If you want to use my work on your (non-commercial!) blog or social media channel, go ahead! Just make sure you credit me, that’s all I’m asking.
In the case of commercial use we first have to agree on pricing. I don’t have to explain why, right? I’m sure we will work something out.


What is your advice to aspiring illustration students

Be like a sponge and soak up experiences. Travel the world, meet new people and explore different cultures to broaden your view on the world.
Don’t worry about finding your style. Your style is like your handwriting. You never worried about finding your handwriting, right? Also, don’t wait for inspiration to knock at your door. Just start working and you will see that things happen from there, things you could never imagine!
Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to put it in your work.
And finally: draw, draw and draw more.