All images on this website are © Bjorn Nelissen

For people who have the IQ of a walnut and/or simply don’t give a fuck about copyrights let me explain how this works:

I (Bjorn Nelissen) am the author of all these images. I came up with the concepts and executed the images. Therefore I am the legal holder of all of the intellectual rights to these images (unless stated otherwise). And because I own these rights, I determine who can use these images and how.

Now, I’m sure that some of you believe that because you found an image on Google, that gives you the right to use these images just the way you want. Allow me to pop that bubble: no you can’t!

Using an image without permission is theft. And if you steal you will get punished.

The punishment for stealing my work is that I will send you and invoice for using my work, plus a penalty for stealing.. And you will pay this invoice. If you don’t pay this invoice I will send you a new, bigger invoice. And if you still don’t pay this invoice we will see each other in court. And no, I am not bluffing.


I’ve heard them all. Here are some of the excuses that are commonly used by copyright thieves:
“I did not know that i wasn’t allowed to use them…”
“I don’t have enough budget to pay you…”
“But this is good exposure for you, I’m doing you a favor…”
“I will pay you next time, promiss…”