Designers Guilt – PC/Mac


A free set of downloadable wallpapers for your PC or Mac. Available in three sizes to accommodate most screen sizes. Each set includes 7 wallpaper includes three versions: coloured, monochrome and paper.


You will recieve the download link after the checkout procedure and in your mail. If not, please contact me.


Coming up with original idea’s is hard work. Good idea’s don’t knock on your door when you need them, nor do they magically appear when you close your eyes and pray for creative salvation.

That is not how the creative brain works. Idea’s are like eggs; they need time and tender care to grow before they hatch. Engaging in other activities than sitting behind a desk, frantically trying to give birth to an idea, is a way to sidetrack a creative problem so that your brain can breed on it.

So this means that when you -a creative professional- are sleeping you’re not really sleeping. You are working! And when you’re taking a walk you are not just taking a walk. No you are working! Binging a series? Nope, that is working. No need to feel guilty when instead of sitting behind your desk you are reading a book because you’re hard at work!
To help you realise this I made a couple of wallpapers for your PC/Mac, iPad or iPhone which you can download free of charge right here.


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